It’s difficult to imagine this overgrown, snow-covered stretch of vacant land will one day become a beautiful park-like setting adjacent to the historic Stirling railway station. But local Rotarians Bill Vaughan (retired civil engineer) and Donna Graff were on site in the fall of 2017, armed with preliminary drawings, in order to better appreciate and visualize the proposed Station Park. The ambitious two-year project is a joint venture between the local service club and the Municipality of Stirling-Rawdon.


It was a little more than two years ago that the membership of the Stirling Rotary club voted unanimously to proceed with a plan to develop a small tract of unused and overgrown land immediately adjacent to the historic railway station in the village. “We were looking for our next major community project,” explained Rotarian Bill Vaughan, “and the notion to create a beautiful green space in and around the railway station seemed a timely and appropriate choice.”

The Station Park project got started in the spring of 2018 with the clearing of the overgrown tract of land between the railway station and the Community Cupboard.

The six strong backs who laid the sod – Sept. 2018

Stirling Rotarians assisted by volunteers from the Stirling Horticultural Society are busy planting wildflowers and 200 native shrubs along the southern border of what will be Station Park. This was the first step in a beautification process that began in the spring of 2019. Step 2 involved the planting of 24 new trees along the trail and in the park itself. 

Planting the big trees – June, 2019

The planting of 24 new trees along the trail and in the park itself. In late August, another 11 trees, along with 14 large shrubs will be planted to complete the beautification stage.

Station Park promises to be a beautifully landscaped
area with pathways, gardens, and trees. There will be picnic tables, park
benches, a fitness station and possibly some kids playground equipment. In
short, it promises to be a beautiful public garden in the heart of the village
for all to enjoy.